The Princess’ Pauper by Anna del C. Dye

Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman

Princess Zinnia’s father is frail and won’t last long on this earth. However, she is a woman in a kingdom where she has power only if a man is by her side. Before she can, she has to find a man who will let her be queen and avoid the Vizier burying her prematurely.

Kirill’s parents separated when he was five years old. The queen, his mother, took him to the country manor where he grew up as a semi privileged boy.
However, at twenty years old, his kingdom is taken and his father killed without the prince seeing him and no many remembered the prince.
The enemy is set on his head. Kirill and his brother have to run. How can he help his kingdom regain freedom without proof he is the heir and without a coin to his purse? Still, after he turned into a human torch, who would want a scarred leader anyway?


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