Rejoice and Resist: Timely Tales of the Final Draft Tavern

Follow the cat through time and space…

Enjoy a drink in the Final Draft Tavern. Will you emerge in your own time? Or another?

The Marchand family and their cat, Whiskey, guide rebels and dissenters, heroes and villains, artists and lovers backward and forward through time.

Seven short stories of drama, women’s fiction, historical fiction, time travel, paranormal, and romance unite our characters in resistance to tyranny and celebration of the right to speak truth to power.

Shoot through the lens of a photographer, stare down the barrel of a highway brigand’s pistol, meet death with a ghostwriter, eavesdrop on the president and his cabinet, brave life in a new country, or conceal yourself in time.

Step through the secret passageway and celebrate the holiday season with the Speakeasy Scribes.


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