Bourbon Street Nocturne and Other Short Stories by Elle Stockton

A labyrinth of compelling stories with intertwists that hold the reader in their grip from beginning to end!

Prepare to be frightened, fascinated, mystified, and romanced as you immerse yourself in the tales of this multi-genre book—noir, dark fantasy, horror, murder mystery, romance, suspense, psychological thriller, and humor.

After the only daughter of a Manhattan socialite vanishes for two days, her mother hires a female detective to find the girl—dead or alive. Trouble brews in Chinatown when a thief cleans out a flophouse safe. The door of a hospital room mysteriously opens on its own, emitting a foul odor. Magic on a small island off northern New Zealand could change the lives of two people. In New Orleans, a woman secretly employs a private detective to catch a blackmailer. The creative director of an advertising agency in Chicago faces deadly competition to win a new account. One resourceful woman matches her wits against a villain out for blood. In San Francisco, a blonde bombshell lives in hock to a vile, pockmarked gambler.

Sixty multi-genre stories will fascinate, mystify, romance, and challenge readers to solve the twist of fate for characters in conflicted situations. In the flavor of simmering noir crime fiction, and in the vein of William S. Porter’s (a.k.a. O. Henry) story twists with Alfred Hitchcock’s flair for suspense, readers will positively love these sizzling stories.

Bourbon Street Nocturne and Other Short Stories: Fictional tales on a ride of twists, turns, and the unexpected is a 2021 New York City Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite in the Short Stories category.


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