Less Than, Quote The Raven by Carol Colbert

People started dying and personalities started to change. Who was murdering people and dumping their bodies in Queen’s Park near the café? Why were the bodies mutilated? What did any of that have to do with Sam? If you like you’re BLT with a side of murder, manipulation and massacre, where the tip you leave just might be a part of yourself, then welcome to The Amazing Bee Café!
Meet me for a drink at the Amazing Bee cafe she said. He could not believe his luck. Rest in peace, Casanova. When dead mutilated bodies start to pile up near the café, eyes notice. But is anyone really seeing her? Will she be able to complete her revenge before she gets caught? She has a scapegoat in place to take the fall.
Will it be her own pass misdeed come back to haunt her that finally ends her reign of terror?


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