Can You Stand The Game by Amelia Rucker

Benjamin Jamal Stewart aka B.J. is one of the hottest street ballers in Atlanta. He looks at his love for basketball as a hustle, but his cousin is trying to get him into the wrong game of the street life. His mother wants him to get a decent job, but B.J. doesn’t want to hear all of the nonsense. He believes in the game called life all he needs is ball and the one true girl by his side.
Amelia Rucker is a successful Army active duty soldier who doesn’t have time for dating. A former female baller, Amelia is thrilled to know she has game. After meeting the smooth talking B.J., things begin to spark between the two. However falling into temptation and facing consequences are a part of the game of life. Will Amelia and B.J. fight for their relationship or will the game tear them apart for good?


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