The Magical Christmas Festival by Eleanor Wint

The Magical Christmas Festival is a Special Christmas Event for kids 6-9 years old and everyone in Penguin World. Everyone was there, Violet, Blaze and all Tweet Tweet’s friends. This Magical Christmas book for kids brings blessed Christmas wishes to all, from Canada.

Merry Merry Christmas from all of Penguin World!!
The Magical Christmas Festival is the celebration of the Northern Lights. This is when the stars shine so brightly with a special gleam and the Northern lights cover the sky with the colors of the Aurora Borealis. It’s an awesome event.

All the penguins of Penguin World were out to be part of the Festival of the Northern Lights, the Magical Christmas Festival.. There were so many activities. Even a Fly-past showing off the skills of all the penguins who just learnt to fly. One challenge was to make a Christmas tree out of ice!! It’s definitely possible!!
Then there was so much food. Oooh!! It was going to be a great day.

The Magical Christmas Festival, a children’s holiday book for kids 6-9 years and all early readers, level 2 and above. Enjoy the celebration with Penguin World and Tweet Tweet & Friends!!


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