Almondine by Gabriele Zucchelli

Alma’s life changed when she discovered an adorable tiny creature inside an almond. She named her Almondine and it became her secret. But as the curious and funny little girl grew, something strange and magical began to happen.


A charming story for young readers enriched with elegant illustrations on nearly every page, Almondine is the first title in a trilogy narrating the adventures of two very special girls.


194 pages with 160 illustrations. 28 chapters. Reading level: 7+


“Absolutely charming and engaging.” – Geoff Dunbar, Palme d’Or Winner animation director


Book Series Description


Almondine is a three part book series following the life and adventures of a teeny-weeny girl born from an almond tree. Illustrated on nearly every page, the story’s overarching themes of friendship, family relationships and adventure aim to engage mostly with primary school readers.


Gabriele Zucchelli is a versatile animation director, whose work includes cartoon characters, realistic animals and fantastical creatures. He has contributed to several hand-drawn productions and blockbuster CGI movies including Harry Potter, Disney’s latest Lion King and the Oscar-winning Jungle Book.


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