The Power of Gratitude Unlocking Hidden Treasures by Ruth Maille

Powerful, positive fun for children.

An excellent Social-emotional Learning (SEL) book to help teach gratitude.
This ABC book has 26 unique examples of where children see gratitude in the world around them.

Orbit visits a sleepover camp where the children are super excited to see him. Gathered under a beautiful oak tree, Orbit explains that they will talk about gratitude. He begins by asking what the children think gratitude is. The children share their examples. Trent asks, “Should we still feel grateful when sad things happen?” Orbit helps the children understand that even when things don’t go as planned and as disappointing as it feels, you can choose to look at the positive and still feel thankful. Orbit uses the example that practicing gratitude is like exercising your muscles. The more you practice, the better you become. Orbit invites the children to go on a gratitude hunt using the alphabet to guide them. Discover with them the hidden treasures they unlock.


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