They Win. You Lose. by Stan Arnold

Mick and Jim owe £6000 + VAT in the form of back-rent to their landlord – international crime boss and Ealing comedy-lover, Charlie Sumkins.
They are pursued by Charlie’s sadistic, but ultimately useless, heavies, Vlad and Vic. The chase involves frantic attempts to preserve their lives and reproductive organs. They battle inefficiently scheduled sex with Southsea’s most colour-blind landlady, violent amateur dramatics and AK-47-wielding milliners.
As you would expect, they end up lost in the scrub desert surrounding Las Vegas, where, with cactus-punctured groins, they become targets for a pack of Reservoir Dogs’ lookalikes.
Later, they go LSD-tripping with the stars of Easy Rider, escape from Thelma and Louise wannabes, and make a romantic commitment to a bourbon-fuelled Elvis impersonator – all before the big, unexpected, life-threatening sort-out in Nevada’s most lurid theatrical environment.
Ah! But did their experiences change them?


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