The Highwayman’s Hidden Heart: A Clean Regency Romance (Only for Love Book 5) by Rose Pearson

A highwayman’s attack, a stolen pendant, and a promising romance.

Being attacked by a highwayman on their drive into London was not what Lady Elizabeth expected for the start of her debut Season! Heartbroken over the loss of her pendant – an item she was forced to give to the highwayman – she turns to her friends and ‘The London Ledger’ for help. Her sadness is a little softened by the arrival of one Lord Winterbrook who begins to show a particular interest in her and she in him.

Felix, Viscount Winterbrook, has always found society dull. Taking on the role of a highwayman for a short while has brought a little more lightness into his summer, albeit with the intention of returning the items he steals. However, he didn’t expect that it would be his heart that was stolen in return! Drawn to the very young lady he had stolen from, Felix cannot seem to keep away. Fully intending to turn his back on his highwayman ways and return her pendant, a sudden revelation throws everything into confusion.

What will Lady Elizabeth think when her pendant is spotted within his very own house? Can he find some sort of reasonable explanation – and can he protect her when the brutes he previously rode with come in search of further treasures?

This is Book 5 in the Only for Love series, where a group of young ladies make a pact with each other that they will marry only for love, despite pressure from their parents and society to make a convenient match. It can be read as a standalone story, is clean and wholesome, and suitable for all ages. Get your copy today!


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