Tangible Spirits by Becki Willis

Dead is dead. Gera Stapleton does not believe in ghosts.
The magazine she works for is sending her to the infamous Jerome, Arizona, where a once-friendly ghost named Mac has reportedly embarked on a petty crime spree. How can she accurately report a story on something she does not believe even exists? Has her journalism career come down to this?
Now there’s a murder, and the townspeople are content to blame Mac for this, too. Determined to find the real killer —because there are no such things as ghosts, after all —Gera sets out to unravel the truth. And as impossible at it seems, Gera finds herself defending Mac’s character!
In a town filled with oddities, Gera encounters a sexy hotel owner, an ornery sheriff, a helpful old woman, and a bad-tempered bartender. The more she digs, the more danger she brings to herself. The startling truths she uncovers make Gera question not only her beliefs, but her very sanity.
Is it possible? Could there truly be such a thing as ghosts and tangible spirits, after all?


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