Cyberdawn: Beginnings by MArk Tierno

What if every conspiracy theory you’d ever heard of was true… and it still wasn’t enough.

Earth is entering a new age of peace. No weapons, countries ready to put down their armies, every home benefiting from megacorp generosity, but if you’re Black Jack Hannigan this sounds a bit like fattening up the calf before the slaughter.

He’s seen them, creatures straight out of mythology. Winged tigers, ghouls, werewolves, they all exist; all part of the same millennia-old conspiracy. The “People” are manipulating our society, readying us for sacrifice to their Masters unless Black Jack and his friends can bring their schemes to light.

Black Jack will soon discover he is not the only one that has run afoul of these creatures and their conspiracy, and soon he and his team are combining efforts to crack the mystery and not fall under the People’s control.  An investigation that will take them on the road to an ancient site long buried in New Mexico and the heart of the People’s goals.

It will take a new generation of weapons being developed by the icy Dr. Rebecca Winter to protect a defenseless world against these creatures, and even then it’s a race. For once the People have opened the Eye of the Apocalypse it’s all over. The Masters will consume the world, just as they have countless others before us.

The first of a new 5-book series that combines cyberpunk, magical fantasy, a touch of horror, and a whole lot of paranoia. For this is the story that defines the term “biblical-level conspiracy theory”.


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