Shapeshifter From Nomar by James Bat Wilkinson

Imagine fulfilling your lifelong dream of journeying to outer space, only for it to be tainted by a shocking discovery. Jave Anderson had longed to leave the corporate state of Binvo and explore what lay beyond our planet. His wishes were granted when he boarded a shuttle that propelled him high above Earth, and he had a front row seat to breathtaking views that he had previously only imagined. However, his space-bound adventure takes a terrifying turn when an otherworldly acorn is discovered on Planet Nomar. What follows is a heart-pounding ride as shapeshifters emerge from their cocoons with a dangerous agenda: to colonize Earth and hunt humans for prey! Little did Jave and his team know that their discovery would put the fate of humanity at risk. Don’t miss this spine-tingling novel that delves deep into the unknown and will have you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.


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