Arcadia’s Children: Samantha’s Revenge by Andrew R Williams

In the first book of this thrilling sci-fi series we meet Samantha a R9054 Ingermann-Verex robotic system, who prefers to be thought of as a humanoid.
We follow Mick Tarmy and Claire Hyndman as Samantha brainwashes and manipulates them in her fight against the mysterious Great Ones. After sending mercenary troops into the Fyfield Valley, they are routed by the Great One’s animal army.
The only survivor of the ill-fated invasion is Claire. She clings to life because Samantha has put her in a suspension unit.
Before going in with the mercenary forces, Claire was an archaeologist working on Arcadia. She had worked with a team of people trying to discover what had happened to the survivors of a wrecked starship.
Can Mick and Claire survive Samantha’s deadly machinations. Can Alex, Claire’s faithful TK5 ex-military flying droid help Mick and Claire survive against the Great One’s army of giant Arcadian millipedes and Arcadian wolves?


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