Possum Stew by David Thompson

How dark do you like it? Brace yourself for a journey back in time to face a Native American Wendigo! Or let the creatures hidden in the dark woods stir your blood. Fairies are sweet, gentle creatures…right? Perhaps the terrors of day to day life are enough. (You’ll find them here too.) ‘Possum Stew is the sure cure to quench your thirst for dark adventure. Are you brave enough to turn the page? Don’t turn off the lights!
‘Possum Stew is a collection of short stories from multi-award winning paranormal and dark fiction author David W. Thompson. Beginning with the New Year, it follows the seasons through all the major holidays. From dark tales inspired by ancient mythology to those flavored with cutting edge technology, they’ll provide dark fiction treats that are impossible to forget or put down. How much spectral spice do you desire? You’ll find it here. Why wait? Begin your adventure today!


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