On Hallowed Ground by Jansen Schmidt


Noah must decide if the woman who has captured his heart is a cold-blooded killer or an innocent pawn in someone else’s deadly game.

On Hallowed Ground received a Readers’ Crown Award qualifying it for the prestigious RONE award, InD’tale Magazine’s acknowledgment of the very best books in the indie and small publishing industries.

Noah, witnesses a stampede on sacred Native American land that claims the life of a college student. While wild horses race through the canyon below, he spies someone else watching the spectacle from the shadows of a nearby grove of trees.

Fallon Youngblood, half Indian, half Irish healer, and spiritual advisor for the Hidden Springs Apache, has just finished her medicine wheel ceremony near tribal burial grounds. With a stampede bearing down, she climbs the closest mesa to safety. Entering a copse of trees, she notices someone else watching the stampede just a few yards away.

In their brief moonlight encounter, Fallon and Noah both suspect the other of starting the stampede yet are attracted to each other at the same time.

During the ensuing homicide investigation, Noah’s attraction to Fallon grows. But, as evidence mounts against her, so does his suspicion about her involvement in the case. When another body is found— shot in the back of the head with a bullet from Fallon’s gun—Noah must make a decision: listen to his head or follow his heart.


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