Caddo Bend: Introducing Dr. Maggie McKinley by Mary Dan Eades


In Book 1 of this modern romantic fiction series, Maggie McKinley, a beautiful young doctor from New York relocates to the tiny rural town of Caddo Bend, Arkansas on what’s planned to be a two-year commitment to provide medical services to the small community that’s been without a doctor for years, leaving behind the posh world of Manhattan and her wealthy physician boyfriend. Her arrival thrills many residents but is viewed by others with suspicion and skepticism. She works hard to provide first rate medical care to the community, battles gender stereotypes, and struggles to fit into a world that is in many ways alien to her. Heartbreak, a mysterious disappearance, and a puzzling medical mystery are in store for her in Caddo Bend, where she discovers an unexpected love she can count on, and a place she can finally call home.


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