Never Ignore Monica by Jim Lively

All young Simon Steed wants is to be accepted by his peers, his teachers, and his family, and to be recognized for his special talents and superior intellect. Yet when everyone rejects and teases him instead, even accusing him of being “weird,” he hopes someday they’ll get what’s coming to them. One by one, each of them meets with sudden and dangerous accidents, some of them fatal. All the while, Simon observes in silence or learns later of their tragic outcomes. Could these coincidences be…? After he meets a beautiful young woman named Monica in college, he’s smitten by her devoted attention and charm, but her abrupt disappearance breaks his heart. Did he ignore her? What went wrong? When the local media reports her death as a suicide, the facts don’t add up. The photo of the victim isn’t Monica, but her sinister roommate instead. Where is Monica? Even if it takes him years, he’ll keep searching. Then Simon will promise he’ll never ignore Monica ever again. Unless…


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