Never Ignore Monica by Jim Lively

What if you suddenly discover that people who are a major part of your life may have never existed?

Meet Simon Steed, a brilliant but reclusive attorney. Throughout his adolescence, he discovered that he possessed special powers. When provoked, these powers could wreak havoc on unsuspecting targets. While attending college, Simon met a beautiful young classmate, named Monica. He was instantly smitten with her. No sooner than she entered his life, than she disappeared. Simon was heartbroken and crushed when different media outlets reported her as a suicide victim. But the facts did not add up. The picture of the suicide victim was not of Monica but her sinister roommate. Where is Monica?

After graduating near the top of his class in law school, Simon interviewed with every major law firm in Dallas. Despite his stellar academic credentials, there was something about him that deterred any firm from offering him employment. Simon had no choice but to begin his law career as a struggling sole practitioner. To make ends meet, he took court appointed cases in the various criminal courts in Dallas County. Several of his clients committed violent acts after meeting with him. One day, he was appointed to represent a young, troubled woman named Carol. That is when Simon’s life changed forever.


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