Jared’s Brides – Double Trouble Series by Barbara Goss


You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person whom you cannot live without.
Jared stands back and looks at his land with pride and believes he’s done well. That is until his mother comes for a visit and tells him he needs a wife, but Jared doesn’t think so. Finally, to his relief, his mother leaves to visit his brothers. Jared sits on his porch and looks at the sunset, and suddenly realizes he is lonely. After digging in the trash for the advertisement his mother brought about the mail-order brides, Jared sends for one. What could it hurt?
Meanwhile, Jared’s mother is visiting his brother in Abilene and learns that his wife has a sister. Camille is just what Jared needs. She persuades Camille to go to Hunter’s Creek as Jared’s mail-order bride.
Jared is surprised when not one but two brides arrive. Will Leah or Camille win Jared’s heart? And what will he do with the other one?


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