Beautiful Monster by Shani Dowdell


I can do it. I can get away with murder.
Working as Cannon Sinclair’s personal assistant will be the death of my kindness and freedom.
I’m barely surviving on the salary of the low-paying job while he fills my days with unreasonable demands.
Today has been so bad that an idea for retaliation brews in my mind.
A stupid idea that backfires and puts me at the mercy of my boss.
And I’m shocked to learn that’s where he’s wanted me this entire time.

Yes. She’s mine now. I have her right where I want her.
I didn’t know it would take the ruin of two of my favorite possessions, but it doesn’t matter which trap reels her in.
My circle isn’t known for patience, compassion, or fighting fair, and my control over her income should have given me the edge faster.
Because of her own actions, Kiyana has two options—jail or my bed.
And I hope she chooses wisely.


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