I Belong To An Oakland Hood Boss by Laquana Jones

Mercedes is a young woman who struggles with having a miscarriage when she was nineteen years old. She believed the miscarriage was her fault because she listened to her boyfriend, Keyon, a hot head dope dealer.
She and Keyon end up calling it quits, but he won’t leave her alone. He makes it his mission to disrupt the life she is trying to build with her new boyfriend, Mark, a successful paralegal.
Mark makes the money and pays all the bills. But she is a go-getter. She takes a job at a local paint store where she meets her handsome boss, Hemi. She is enjoying her new life with Mark, but when her sister, Kyla, a troubled teen, tells her Mark is living a double life, she starts to pay more attention to his actions.
And then she found out something shocking. She is devastated and hurt to her core. Her life has been flipped upside down from one phone call the lasted no more than thirty seconds.
She is forced to leave Mark and go to Keyon for moral and mental support. But she becomes a witness to a murder and Keyon disappears.
Hemi has grown to like her, so he offers to help her time and time again. She refuses at first UNTIL her back is against the wall. But both of them has a secret that they are keeping. Will their love for one another be enough to take the relationship to the next level?


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