Die This Hour by BRIAN O’HARE

Three people are murdered on separate Tuesday evenings at precisely 11.05. Why 11.05pm for each killing? Who is the violent stalker who twice nearly kills Inspector Sheehan?

There are no answers, and the peaceful community of West Belfast is once again ripped apart by these vicious murders. As Inspector Sheehan investigates, with his new sergeant Denise Stewart, long-held secrets of the past are exposed, secrets that many would die to protect.

When one of his team is kidnapped, Inspector Sheehan knows its the last straw. With only minutes to save his colleague’s life, has he left it too late?

“The first thing I thought after reading this book is: why isn’t Brian O’Hare better known in the crime writing world? This man is extremely talented, and his book a wonderful ‘whodunnit’ that left me guessing until the end.” [Joseph Sousa, Crime-writer]

“Head and shoulders above most mystery authors who are published today, Brian O’Hare deserves far wider recognition. You won’t regret purchasing his books.”[CBT, Amazon Reviewer]

“I stayed up all night to finish this book! Inspector Jim Sheehan you are here to stay!” Goodreads Reviewer
Previously published as The 11.05 Murders by Crimson Cloak Publishing.


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