The Curse of Jenny Greene

In the wispy dark of a foggy night, the children come. The children die.

Jenny Greenteeth croons to them, her keening call they cannot deny.

A ghost witch cloaked in fog hunts the children of Blaylock Bay. She’s been doing it for centuries and she never gives back what she has taken. Dozens of children found their final resting place at the bottom of her pond. But no one knows the truth.

Until Sophie Howell loses her little brother, Sam, the night her grandmother was supposed to die.

But Gram didn’t die and Sam wasn’t found.

Sophie heard the stories and she thinks Sam is at the bottom of the pond on Grimm Road. Her family and friends thinks she crazy, but she goes looking for him anyway.

Instead of her brother, she finds herself face to face with Jenny Greenteeth.

If Foster Grimm, who is too charming for his own good, hadn’t been there to haul her out of the freezing water, Sophie would have ended up at the bottom as well. Now she has caught the curious Foster’s interest.

But the children aren’t the only thing that Jenny hunts for and Sophie is in her way, keeping her from claiming Foster. Angering a centuries old witch is not the best way to find Sam.

Now Sophie will have to learn to trust Foster, whose eyes are so blue and skin so warm, if she is to have any hope of solving Jenny’s mystery.

But when more children disappear, Sophie realizes that she might not be able to save anyone, including herself…


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