Deliberations in Dung by Andre Buitendag

A mirthful literary and revelatory satire for anyone who’s ever poop-pondered, and knows that dealing in dung can be delightful, possibly nourishing, and philosophical – a matter of life and death. Grow and travel with a dung-beetle and a natural science student, and be inspired to find and celebrate in the piles around them, and you. And with greater purpose, move on.

‘BRILLIANT, despite – or because of – the subject matter. … Something rare indeed. A biting satire, yet deeply philosophical book that centres on a dung beetle’s experience and view of the cosmos, and ours. …Read it. Laugh out loud – and think.’ JS (Amazon)

‘Something else – thoughtful, imaginative. Kafkaesque… . Highly recommended.’ SS (Amazon)

‘DUNG could well be one of the most literary, profound and funniest books ever.’ DKK

‘… Spellbinding!’ / ‘Writing of remarkable beauty and brilliance. I’m shrieking with delight.’ / ‘It’s a gem.’ / Life-affirming’ / ‘Such well-informed, literate fun’ / ‘Unique and intriguing’ / ‘rollicking fun and sparkling repartee’ / ‘An awesome read’/ ‘marvellous muckiness and witty wordsmithing that wows: a TREAT’.


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