Dekker De La Mare: Book 1 of the Chronicles by Peter Servidio


After more than twelve hundred years of acting as the protector of the world of Odious, Archmage Dekker De La Mare has been responsible for defeating many evils and saving countless citizens. Yet, for all the good he has done there have been casualties along the way.

Come and experience the first volume of the trials and tribulations of Dekker De La Mare as the citizens of Odious put their beloved protector on trial despite his years of unselfish heroism.

Begin to learn about Dekker by experience the culmination of his life where the people of Odious weigh his good deeds against the unintentional harm he has created.

Following the trial, flashback to earlier in Dekker’s life and learn of his battles against the Dark Queen Asylindra and the Dwarves of the Magaroy as she searches for immortality. He is reunited with his son and an old friend as he works to keep order in Odious.

And finish up the three-part volume by traveling to the underwater world of Chretin, and meet the Gawessa – a race of underwater humanoids who make the deep ocean their home. Dekker and his companions must face the dreaded Cauldrstack and save an ancient civilization from destruction.

Will the deeds of his past be enough to save his future?


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