A Day of Pride by Roy Youldous-Raiss


Are you interested in teaching your kid the beauty of diversity and differences among us?
Do you believe in LGBTQ rights and equality for all?
A Day of Pride is the perfect children’s book for you!

A Day of Pride is a rhymed book celebrating love and pride, and teaching the importance of acceptance and tolerance. It encourages children of all kind to be proud of themselves and accepting of others—exactly as they are. Invite your kid to an empowering and exciting journey on a magical day where everyone has a place.

It is a colorful day of celebration. Soon, the streets will be filled with people of all kinds, who will march in the festive Pride Parade. Miss Rainbow is ready to paint the city with her hues and colors, to fill every corner with love and pride. When the Witch of Shame appears, she threatens to ruin the great party.

“Once again, this day arrives,
The streets are cheering, the city thrives.
With laughing sun and dancing skies,
Chirping birds, the wind complies.
All is love, no one’s afraid—
Welcome to the Pride Parade!”

Main themes in the book:

★ Diversity and inclusion!

★ Pride and lgbt

★ Anti-Bullying

★ Self-esteem

★ Tolerance and acceptance

★ Gender identity

★ Rainbow families

★ Being different

★ Social skills

Born in Israel, Roy Youldous-Raiss is has been writing all of his life. He is Tammuz Surrogacy CMO and an LGBT advocate. Roy is married to Or and a proud father to Elya and Liri. A Day of Pride was written from his personal experience of being gay for many years. The beautiful illustrations were created by the talented Yossi Madar.


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