Communication and Connection (AKA Relapse Prevention) by Sarina Wheatman

The incoherent alcoholic, the out-of-control junkie, the gambler spinning lies and dreams. They do unspeakable things, they want us to forgive them, then do it all again. It is hard to forgive them. Are they just selfish – uncaring? After all you just have to say no don’t you?

Communication and Connection will explore some of the questions and crazy out of control worlds of the addict. Perhaps come to new conclusions.

It starts like this:

We talk – we listen – we comprehend what is going on in the brain. We change some of the actions that are done without thinking. We alter our thinking. The change brings healing.

Addiction is an illness, it is a scourge in our modern world, it has defied anyone trying to find a cure. But change is possible


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