RED CARD- A BET YOU CAN WIN! by tony kelly

THIS THE STORY OF A FORMER PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER IN THE UK , WHO PLAYED FOR 7 CLUBS, SUCH AS STOKE CITY, CARDIFF CITY, HULL CITY, AND OTHERS, BUT SUFFERED FROM A GAMBLING ADDICTION THAT RUINED HIS LIFE. he lost £500.000 over a 8 year period as a professional footballer, and also went bankrupt in 2010. Tony went on to fight back and become founder/CEO of RED CARD GAMBLING SUPPOPRT PROJECT in the uk, a company that educates people on gambling related harms. Tony has now become a huge advocate for change ad raising awareness of gambling harms, and he speaks across the UK sharing his story, and he has also done many media tv interviews. This story is so uplifting and inspiring and shows you can beat your demons, and recover from addiction. The story also gives you an insight into what professional football in the UK looks like, and has some funny stories which makes for good humour. If you like football, and you like a happy ending, uplifting, inspiring story, then you will love this book!


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