Birds and humans by David Callender


What are we humans? and our role in planet earth?
Urgent questions for today.
Seen in perspective, humans are just one species among the many on this earth: why do we inevitably think of ourselves as so superior – lords of the earth no less? How, think about it, do we humans relate, for instance, to birds, those arguably equally talented, if different, creatures, on this earth, many millions of years older than humans? How does their evolution compare with that of the human species? and their social lives, parenting, tools, navigation, and intelligence – have we, or indeed had we, something to learn from them? Was it they who discovered and cherished music, for us to emulate, and do they too have notable intellectual capacity, complex memory, aesthetic sense, and joy in play? And what, here millions of years before us, have they taught us humans?
Find out here.
In a startling complement and riposte to Harari’s stunning “Sapiens” and similar best-selling books that rightly tackle the questions we now ask ourselves about the development of human society in the dawn of history, “Birds and Humans” sets out a carefully argued counter theory about the place of humans. It is one that needs urgent attention today. Now, if ever, is the time to ask ourselves about our guardianship of our beautiful planet: what do we still need to learn about this? and above all, do we, should we, share it with the million-years-old, experienced, assembly of birds?
A challenge for each and every one of us. Not to be missed.


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