America Reunited by Dr.Arthur Ciaramicoli


America Reunited uncovers the diverse factors leading to the hateful speech and behavior that has overtaken our country. We are experiencing the greatest divide among our people in many years. Dr. Ciaramicoli provides insight into the origin of hatred through poignant case histories, showing how unresolved hurts of the past can turn in projected aggression onto others in adulthood.

America Reunited answers the question of how stress in individuals can translate into distress for an entire nation.

America Reunited takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaced complexities America is facing. The roots of profound dissatisfaction—poverty, racism, sexism—are dealt with and interpersonal and policy resolutions are provided.

America Reunited provides the solutions to the challenges America must deal with in order to maintain the democracy we have all cherished for so many years. It is a book of hope and a call to all citizens to join in a most important effort to preserve our humanity and to take an active part in creating a more cohesive nation.


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