Afterlife: Cool Assassins 3 by J. O. Quantaman

A police procedural on steroids. Hold on to the seat of your pants.
___If the tragic shipwreck isn’t bad enough, the megadome suffers a horrid murder-rape, and Dog Breakfast co-op must bring the culprit to justice.
___Nyssa and Shepp follow the perp to LA where they rescue young women from vicious sex traffickers. But funds are running low, so they’re joined by Griz and Jen. All four travel to Tijuana where they snooker a strip club out of three quarters of a million dollars.
___The quartet follow the rapist to Quito, Ecuador where they must face two-dozen mercenaries and armored-robotic cyclops.

“…a unique mix of genres, interesting characters, and a sharp writing style, all of which make it a great read.”
—Pro Book Reviews

“In Quantaman’s SF follow-up to Hot Wheels: Cool Assassins 2 (2020), the Dog Breakfast co-op springs back into action.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“The year is 2076, and Dog Breakfast is a covert group of highly trained individuals that aim to fight for good. A member of Dog Breakfast named Marija uncovers a sex-trafficking ring in Los Angeles, which is merely the tip of an iceberg of criminal activity that leads to Ecuador, with a detour to Tijuana, Mexico. Dog Breakfast may have top-notch capabilities, but the group “doesn’t have resources to mend every injustice.” The journey to Mexico is required to get their hands on new funds; their destination is an establishment called Bar Nada, a strip club that also hosts a lucrative fight club. Once business is settled in Bar Nada, the group aims to take on some even nastier types in South America. The narrative also includes additional storylines, including the recovery efforts of a girl named Raven Rocksong who survived a shipwreck and is undergoing tough training that will lead to Dog Breakfast membership. Along the way, there are many futuristic details (with many terms defined in a glossary), including aspects of life in the cylindrical habitats known as soupcans, where people live in orbit around the Earth . . . .”
— Kirkus Reviews

“A relentless concoction of action and futuristic elements.”
— Kirkus Reviews


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