What Happens Next? by Marie-Hélène Lebeault

Paranormal, Steampunk, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Short Stories!
Twelve young adult short stories compete for the coveted spot: A novel that will tell us What Happens Next!
Readers decide which story becomes a book by filling out a special survey.

Under the Ice
The Dome protects us, it is life for all who live under the ice barrier, but it is on the brink of failure. The Elders saw this coming; they have a plan. There’s just one problem: I can’t breathe underwater like everyone else. I’m the last air-breathing human in the Dome. As the Aquatics migrate to their new home, I’ll need to find a way to survive.

Crossing Over
Michael has always had strange dreams. But lately, they seem to be trying to be calling him to a place he never knew existed.

The second son that no one cares about, Corey is desperate for some recognition. When an irreplaceable artifact is stolen, he leaps at the chance to finally prove his worth. As his quest comes to an end, he must choose between being a hero or doing the right thing.

Radio Silence
Lokesh lives alone on planet Nebuna, harvesting reed juice, and dreaming of flying far, far away.
Now that both her parents are dead, she feels lonely and longs for connection.
Then, one day, everything changes…

The Name of The Forest
How does one tell the difference between monsters and men?
Maya remembers asking her mother when she was a girl. “When you meet a creature in the wood,” her mother had started, her voice a husky whisper, “ask it if it knows the name of the forest.” But now Maya knows.

For years Damian has searched for Sanaland: the magical realm his grandmother told him about but his parents refuse to acknowledge. Now Sanaland is on the brink of peril and only a human with Damian’s unique abilities can save it.

The Wish
Be careful what you wish for.

At the tail end of a research mission on Earth, Roa-Vur’s crewmates decide it might be funny to leave him behind.
Now he’s alone on this strange planet until he can get catch a ride in… two hundred years!

We live underground. Redundant humans and automatons hiding from the body part collectors that roam the surface.
Both species are wary of the other but destined to unite against a common oppressor.

Grandpa Joe
Grandpa Joe just died and Thomas is sad. Thomas is dubious when his mom sends him out to do chores, saying he’ll feel his grandfather’s presence all over the farm.

Arthur Harrington is an only child and the sole heir to his father’s business. Until his father brings home a brother that makes things a lot more interesting and a lot deadlier.

Benedict’s eyes have been opened. Was it the hallucinogen or was it, Ophelia?
The revolution was coming and he would be part of it.


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