TWA Flight 800 First Responder Witness Account by Barry Donadio

This is the only book on the market that was written by someone who was actually at the scene of the rescue of the crash of TWA Flight 800 on July 17th, 1996.

Never before released witness account of the events that unfolded on the night of July 17th, 1996. Barry Donadio was a 25-year-old emergency medical technician that responded to the TWA Flight 800 crash.

The interesting twist is that Barry Donadio was also employed as a security police officer at the same military base that some circles blame for shooting down the plane (The 106th Rescue Wing at Gabreski ANG base, Westhampton Beach, NY). He later became a USAF security police investigator and a SWAT team leader at that same base.

He was later employed by the United States Secret Service under the Bush and Obama administrations at the white house.

This account offers a look inside the Coast Guard station at East Moriches as rescue operation that began to unfold on the evening of the crash. The Coast Guard station was where the victims of the TWA Flight 800 crash were brought that evening.

Donadio’s book may offer some clues that may support your opinion as to what may have truly happened to the plane and why it may have crashed.


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