Transit Awakening: The Ny’Zeri Portal Saga: Book One by E. Miles Williams


The universe is about to get a wake-up call…

Jesse never expected to be anything more than an orphaned stable hand in a vast galaxy of worlds interlinked by Portals. To think anything else would be a fantasy. But when an abrupt brawl triggers his innate magical potential, he finds himself catapulted into an Academy that reveals unimaginable possibilities for people like him.

At the Academy, he learns about Sages—wizards who can tap into elemental forces—and Warriors—biomechanically enhanced knights who are the shields and swords that protect Sages. Jesse is a Sage and can’t wait to begin mastering his incredible new abilities. And while training alongside others just like himself, he might finally find a family to call his own —as long as he can determine who he can trust.

Nyonye is ready for a vacation. Exhausted after teaching at a human university, she can hardly wait to return to her home planet. But when a galaxy-wide calamity strikes, she’s displaced into Jesse’s world and her old life vanishes forever. A cataclysm that has been hiding in plain sight now threatens all life on the civilized planets.

As unlikely a pair as they might be, Jesse and Nyonye may hold the key to preventing all-out destruction. If they and their allies succeed, the galaxy’s way of life will change forever. And if they fail, life in the galaxy will cease to exist. Of course, the galaxy is resisting both options…

If you like the idea of a mythical Academy set in space, or action-packed sci-fi with magic, you will love Transit Awakening. Immerse yourself in this epic galaxy of sword and sorcery today.


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