Third Wheel by Richard R Becker

Brady Wilks thought he’d found a new home in the pre-boomtown hours of Las Vegas, 1982, but instead he finds himself in a precarious situation, struggling to belong and find his identity.

Outcast as a teenage transplant from the Midwest, Brady forges a brotherly bond with an older teenage neighbor, Mick, and his friend, Brett. But when Brett moves away, Mick invites a new kid into their pack, and Brady soon discovers his choices have consequences that threaten the lives of those he cares about.

Desolate and gritty, Third Wheel is a triumphant debut novel by Richard R. Becker, and Brady Wilks is a remarkable transformative protagonist. It received more than a dozen 5-star editorial reviews and earned a finalist award in the 2023 Global Book Awards. Readers who enjoyed The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton will love Third Wheel.

The five-time award-winning author continues to receive high praise and interest from a growing community of readers who follow his work.


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