The Winged Lion: Marion’s Match by Patrick Carlson

Peter Barclay is a gifted fourteen-year-old living under the United People’s Commonwealth world government in Chicago, once part of the former United States of America, and now the provincial capital of the Eighteenth Province.

While attending a class field trip, Peter plays a vital role in a gladiator-style, public execution event-the Tri Annum matches-providing him with the terrible realization that he will need to kill one of the Commonwealth’s most notorious criminals. Or will he?

First, there will be violence. Then, there will be silence. The match of a lifetime is here for the people of the Eighteenth Province.

Patrick D. Carlson’s first installment of this dystopian series sheds light on a brutal fictional world, which takes place in the year 2090, but is eerily relatable to today.


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