The Spartan Initiative by Robert A. Tayler

In a tale that spans two millennia and two separate continents, join two young boys, Arcadius and Damon, on their journey to become the epitome of greatness. Their shared destiny? To become the finest warriors the world has ever witnessed.
Experience the revived Agoge military training program, inspired by Ancient Sparta and brought to life by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967. Damon Harker is one person who steps up to the challenge. While his peers revel in teenage frivolities, Damon’s path diverges. He graduates college, engages in thrilling dogfights, and confronts ruthless criminals. From the halls of Ft. Benjamin Harrison to the perilous jungles of Vietnam and the danger of the Soviet Union, Damon’s unwavering dedication to justice shines through. Still, the intensity of each operation takes a toll on Damon’s psyche. Can he fulfill his Spartan heritage without losing his soul?
Immerse yourself in this riveting tale of strength, resilience, and the ultimate test of one man’s character. Will the outcome be triumph and redemption, or will the price be too high? Discover the answers in this enthralling saga that places honor and integrity at the heart of our everyday battles.


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