The Mysteries by Graham Wilson

An old stone house with no history – secrets buried below the floor
Glimpsed lives from 200 years past – If only the stones could talk

A mother and child vanished thirty years ago
Now a new mystery – the mother’s pendant is found

From the author of The Old Balmain House this is a story set in early Sydney
Its consequences reverberate down through successive generations until today

She bends forward. A silver pendant falls from her shirt, swinging free on a chain from her neck.
The name ‘Cindy’ is in silver cursive letters. On its back is a heart symbol and, ‘From Jim’.

I remember so clearly the day I bought it. I did not have money to buy my Cindy a wedding ring.
But, with the twenty dollars I had saved, I bought this. I gave it to her with all my love.

She hung it around her neck, where it stayed until she and our baby vanished.
Now, after thirty years, it has returned.

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