The Magic and Mystery of Dreams by Jean Walters


Our earth is composed of symbols. Designer, Buckminster Fuller stated, “The Universe is speaking to us all the time. We must learn to listen.” Yet, most people don’t listen or pay attention, yet the messages keep coming.
Fuller was aware that life is made up of symbols that exemplify where we, as individuals, are in our evolution. By observing life, you will get a play by play indication of where you are in your journey of personal development. Is your life displaying joy or fear, conflict or harmony? Are there messes that need to be cleaned up, conflicts that need resolution? Your life (and dreams) reflect your thinking, beliefs, and progression. By paying attention, you can make changes and direct your experience in ways that enrich you.
As you learn the language of symbols you will understand your purpose, why you have specific people in your life, various life circumstances, and even holy scriptures and parables. The exercises in this book will help you understand your place in your family (whether that be personal or career).
Symbols are the language of the soul and will lead you to deep soul awareness. Piercing through veils of unknowing to reach a sense of knowing is spiritual gold.
Review: “Jean Walters’ years of teaching shine forth in her book on interpreting dreams and life experiences. In the Mystery and Magic of Dreams, she basically takes your hand and walks you step-by-step through the interpretation process. This instructional manual takes the confusion out of dream work as it relates to day and night dreams and the symbolism of daily life. Her four-step formula creates a template for simple, on-going dream interpretation. Plus, she provides an extensive list of dream symbols and instructs on how to discern other symbols as they appear in your life, dreams, or even holy books.
Finally, we have a guide in Walters’ text that makes dreams helpful, understandable, and accessible. Her book is an excellent tool to learn the value of symbols and how they assist in your journey toward self-realization.


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