The Journey from Anxiety to Peace by jean walters

Worry and anxiety are common maladies these days. People routinely have panic attacks and even live in fear of them. Yet there is a way around these problems, and it takes training. I’m not talking about knocking down pills, although people survive on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication for years, but there are consequences to that. A healthier approach would be to go to the root cause of the issue and make changes from there.Anyone can do this. Making adjustments requires dedication, focus, and discipline. Yet anyone can do it. We have discipline to clear our schedule to watch a favorite sports team or go out with friends, and we muster up similar dedication to release anxiety and worry. What is more important than your mental health? Everyday stress takes a toll on your well-being and sense of joy and can even cut your life short.In this book you will discover practices to help you move from anxiety and worry to peace of mind and you will read stories of people who have successfully made the transition. It is a process. Others have successfully transitioned in this way and you can too. It is like crossing a stream, jumping from rock to rock. Take a step and the next stone (step) will appear before you. The main thing is to start!!


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