The Hyena’s Stare


Plagues are not your worst nightmare…

1972 Africa

Dr. Laura London doesn’t possess any special powers or magical destiny. She’s a medical doctor trained to cure disease and ailments. There’s no room for superstition in her life, not when logic can solve most problems.

Then she’s called to Ethiopia to help contain and stop a suspected plague. Or is it a plague?

When the sun sets, the villagers vanish into their homes. Children are tucked into bed for fear of shapeshifting werehyenas. When she sees proof herself in the form of a body rising from an autopsy table, Laura’s rational mind can’t compute.

But she alone may be able to save the cursed town and its people. To do so, she’ll face evil werehyenas as well as a ruthless colonel threatening her investigation and life. Can she overcome her fear and learn to accept superstition as a reality when needed?

If she can, she’ll prove that in the Darkness, there is Light.

Curses? Check. Werehyenas? Check. A realistic female hero? Check. Full of action, suspense, and memorable characters, follow Laura’s journey into the unknown as she confronts regrets from her past and forges her own destiny forward.


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