The Fallen by John Misak

The Fifth Entry in the Acclaimed John Keegan Mystery Series
When homicide detective John Keegan solved the murder of Hollywood A-lister Patrick Dillons, he knew he left stones unturned. He knew the case would endure. He did not expect it to haunt his dreams, or, worse, that it would take over his life again.

Six months later, the anonymous tipper who guided and provoked him during the Dillons case returns with an ominous question:

“Would the hero like to finish the game?”

In exchange for agreeing to continue, the tipper promises to feed Keegan evidence and clues about a new murder. Keegan balks, but when the tipper’s info proves helpful, he knows he must straddle the line between saving lives and morality. The ‘game’ restarts and Keegan must play it alone, hiding the tipper from everyone, including his wife and partner.

With his relationships strained under the pressure of deceit, Keegan attempts to stay ahead of the tipper. The first body has a note indicating it is the first of eight victims. A plot is underway and Keegan must calculate every move carefully. the tipper uses technology to both track and elude Keegan. Keegan knows the tipper had direct involvement with the Dillons murder and perhaps these new deaths as well. Keegan’s singular focus on stopping this menace amplifies with a simple text message:

“Meet number four. You will kill him.”

Keegan must avoid this outcome. His hopes falter when he discovers the plan to make him the eighth. He wants to stop the game but knows his family’s future depends on him outsmarting the tipper and stopping the deaths before they happen. The hero must suffer the trials, outwit the villain, and emerge victoriously.

The Fallen delves deep into the intricacies of a murder investigation and technology’s effect on detective work. It places Keegan in a no-win situation he must see to completion. How far is too far when trying to solve a case? Where is the line between family and duty? Keegan doesn’t have all the answers but knows they lie at the end of the tipper’s epic tale.

“The game will end, hero. You will decide how.”


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