Several Deadly Sins

There’s something here for everyone…

Some sins are dark, some are humorous, some live between the grey lines of morality.

The stories unfold page after delicious page.

Dive in and enjoy this sinful collection today!


Reviews for other WCPNW Anthologies:

★★★★★ “What I really enjoyed about this book is how all the stories felt as if they were another continuation of the previous story. Part of but separate. Truly enjoyable. Looking forward to ready the next book.”

★★★★★ “Old fashioned spooky fun! Recommend especially for young adults.”

★★★★★ “I enjoyed the variety of stories, and that none were hideously gory. Don’t let the “about the town” intro dissuade you! I hadn’t expected humor or a sexy edge, which some of them had, so that was fun, too.”

Several Deadly Sins is an Anthology that includes the following WCPNW authors:

Foreword by Joel Swetin
Withered Lips by Susan Brown
A Dangerous Love by Toni Kief
The Champion by Rachel Barnard
Jack by Bobbie Kaald
Wrath Has No Words by Toni Kief
Is There Going to be Eight? by Celena Davis Dunivent Car Wash by Hugh Mannfield
The Village of Vice by Susan Old
A Tug at the Belly by Matthew Buza
Cleaning Up by Linda Jordan
Clarice by H.D. Vesser
Shedding by Laurie G. Ward
The Matchmaker’s Minions by Nanea Knott
The Dreamweaver by E.G. Sergoyan
Super Lady with Unique Talents by Sylvia Irvine Candy Corn Thief by Andy Loch
Love You to Death by Christine Gustavson-Udd Lefty by Roland Trenary
The DeFaplicus Principle by Hugh Mannfield
Last Rights by Susan Brown


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