Seeking the Light of Justice by Barry Nadel

Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg, who has been studying the legends of the Light of Justice with his archaeologists for years, discovers the cover of General Aharon Dori’s Hoshiyan Chronicles in the binding of a 500-year-old book and publishes it on the Internet.

The release of the cover, intercepted by Vatican security, unleashes the wrath of the Church and the Pope, who had an ancient order to destroy the Chronicles or anything related to its author, resulting in the outbreak of the Vatican’s secret war against the Chronicles.

Clues lead the professor and his team to the study house where the chronicles in Spain were written, where he discovers a bomb planted by Basque separatists to destroy Spanish government offices.

During the excavation, they find a sealed room revealing the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition: forty-six Jewish bodies were left to suffocate.

They are perplexed when the deputy interior minister illegally arrests them and throws them into a Spanish prison.

What will happen to them now?


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