This book is a treasure chest of poems, encompassing powerful experiences that cross all cultures, skin color, ages and genders. You will discover the gifts of strength and serenity so you can be:

-Fearless in your faith
-Forgiving of yourself and others
-Tender in your care of self
-Loving with your wisdom
-Joyful in your experience with others
-Passionate in your beliefs
-Purposeful in your actions
-Peaceful in seeking solutions
-Free in abundance
-Soothing a troubled world
-Resilient in recovery from setbacks and illness
-Self-assured in your life’s journey
-Confident in your God-given Talents
-Caring for all cultures
-Kind as you move through the world

Our society is in turmoil and uncertainty. Extinguish the flames of fear with the revelations and wisdom within these pages and realize the beauty of cultural harmony.
~: Denise P. Isaac
aka Ri’m Queen


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