Realm Of Carath: Hidden Magik & Broken Wings by Lindsay Lawton

Realm of Carath: Hidden Magik and Broken Wings is the first of a three-series project. It takes place in the Kingdom of Carath, which has four central districts Carath, The Capital, Ravalene, Polaris, and Windbreak. The story starts in Windbreak and follows an eccentric girl named Rain (16) who meets a fairy named Alice (16). Rain and Alice share that they have to work on opposite sides of the kingdom, and Rain longingly asks about The Capital, which she rarely goes to; she lets Alice know that she wants her to meet her friend Gemma (16), who is a witch. Alice is shocked by this news and lets Rain know that King Dramere has seized all Magik, which is outlawed. Any witch or wizard opposed was killed, and the others were locked in the dungeon because he thought they could use their powers against him and work with a dragon he had never seen but is determined to find. Rain runs home and tells Gemma of this news, and they work closely to keep track of any knights patrolling their way to Windbreak.

North of the Capital in Ravalene, Alice the fairy is starting her job with her lady Agnes, a middle-aged woman who lost her son at the hands of a wizard; her father requested a worker fairy because he is rarely home and worries his wife gets lonely occasionally her younger cousin Quinn (19) drops by. During Alice’s trial period, she still lives with the rest of the fairies in Polaris, furthest North of the Kingdom. Alice has flashbacks of her childhood while looking at the scars on her back. Ever so often, The King held a tradition of The Wing Ceremony where the knights would go to Polaris and cut off the wings of the young girls and killed anyone who got in their way—Alice lost her parents during hers.

In the palace at the capital of Carath, The King and his wife, Queen Natia, are planning for Princess Arabella (14) to meet several royals from different Kingdoms to plan a marriage and deal to make Arabella’s first son the heir of Kingdom Carath. In the dungeon oldest and strongest wizard Saru helps teach his prodigy Yanis and the others to make spells for King Dramere to find the dragon. Saru tells Yanis to place fake spells. He feels like something is coming, and he has nothing to lose. In Windbreak, Gemma continues to get more potent as a witch, practicing by herself day and night. She befriends a young man named Dorian (17), who dreams of being a knight in Carath.
Arabella chooses to marry a Grand duke from the Kingdom of Renarde Marius Cortier (23); she promises to bed the duke and provides an heir for her father. Two years pass and the palace tells all the people to meet at the capitol to celebrate the first birthday of Prince Killian—Arabella’s son; as Marius is giving his speech, a dragon appears and breaths fire on him; he is burning alive in front of all the kingdom, Arabella runs towards him with her son in her hand, The King and Queen are pushed inside leaving Arabella to be dragged away by unfamiliar men.


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