Rasputin’s Nephew by Marc Seifer

Seeing the Future New Novel Focuses on Premonitions and Terrorism in Near Future NEW YORK CITY, NY – Sometime in the near future, a New Age movement makes telepathy and telekinesis real world possibilities, and a reporter experiences one of these psychic powers. He is then thrust into a secret plot that threatens all humanity in the new novel, RASPUTIN’S NEPHEW: A New Age Thriller by Marc J. Seifer.

RASPUTIN’S NEPHEW takes the reader into the not-so-distant future, where terrorism threatens the nation and premonition is reality. Rudy Styne is a reporter for Modern Times Magazine, who wakes one morning from a strange, foreboding dream. Later in the day, the dream comes true, and Rudy is left bewildered. He decides to get to the bottom of these premonitions by doing an article for the magazine on the subject. He travels to Bhutan to meet with an avatar and then interviews Abdullah Manu, a renowned Egyptian superpyschic who can move objects with his mind and read people’s thoughts. Along the way, Rudy uncovers a heinous plot to topple the West with an army of cybernetic soldiers.

At an international symposium on psychotronics in Italy, Rudy and his girlfriend, Chessie Barnsworth, meet the amiable neurophysicist Dr. Imo Bern. Rudy and Chessie are shocked to learn that the young doctor is an associate of notorious ex-KGB agent Georgi Boshtov, who they suspect is in charge of the brutal crusade to destroy the West. It is a race against time and a test of minds as Rudy dashes to stop Boshtov from destroying the western world, but Rudy tumbles deep into trouble when he learns to his horror that he is the next target. Can he save the future? Only Rasputin’s Nephew can reveal the answer.

A mad concoction of science and New Age philosophy, RASPUTIN’S NEPHEW rips through the fabric of the reality that you’re familiar with… [sucking the protagonist, Rudy Styne] into a tangle of… mad scientists, murderers, magicians, mechanical assassins and mystics – all on separate paths, all linked, all one…. The uniqueness of the story’s… trajectory was very intriguing and I salute the author’s ambition in writing it. Sara Kay

An espionage thriller, (a la Tom Clancy)…. You write with great intelligence and authority. Nicolette Phillips, New Vision.

This is a terrifically original book, with elements of satire as well. Dr. Stanley Krippner, author of Song of the Siren

Like a journey through the Major Arcana [of the Tarot], RASPUTIN’S NEPHEW takes the reader into the bizarre and mind-boggling world of the paranormal. I enjoyed Marc Seifer’s book thoroughly.Uri Geller, Paranormalist Extraordinaire


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