PURGING TO THRIVE by Dossie M. H. Terrell


Seeking and finding the benevolent, ever-present-Higher power is the premise and the origin of this book. This omniscient, all-knowing power guided and directed me to author Purging to Thrive. He wants everyone to know Him. Purging to Thrive aims to help readers reach their best self with an emphasis on eradicating major enemies to personal success: fear, anger, anxiety, indecisiveness, and on and on.

The theme throughout is to get beyond life’s extraneous noises, social media, and naysayers and peel back the layers of selves that others labeled you over the years to discover who you are. This book offers something different from your average self-help guide. It helps you locate abilities that have yet to be realized and remove anything that could impede ongoing success.


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