Pentagon Pirate Gang; The Secret of the Orchard by J W Nelson

Five students aged between 8 and 14 sneer a summer camp at the School of Fruit Teaching (S.O.F.T.) in the middle of the deep wooded Sherwood Forest to find a secret. On their journey they pit their wits against the spiteful headmistress Mrs Blackfruit and their right-hand man the deputy head, Mr Thornby.

They start their journey getting into the process of the school rules and what they need to abide by, Mrs Blackfruit stamps here authority across the school with her firm hand.

As they investigate with support from a few helpful teachers, the students unearth a powerful, mysterious secret that the headmistress and her deputy have being trying to hide for decades. The students are put through their paces in various ‘sports games’ and are separated into five houses all named after various fruits whilst the five students key an eye on the ever growing mystery.

Tension rises as a fifty year old occurrence seems to have re-emerged to potentially affect things at the school, to the children and to their parents. The newly formed Pentagon Pirate Gang will have to cope with the challenges they face and then their toughest test hits them when the tables are turned by Mrs Blackfruit and Mr Thornby. Who will be there to save the Pentagon Pirate Gang…


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